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Wednesday, June 28, 2017   /   by Geoff Appleton

Home-ward Bound July 2017

Canada’s 150th birthday, a time to light up the summer skies with commemorative fireworks and celebrate all things Canadian. As Canadians, we are eternally grateful to our founding fathers who crafted our Confederation and birthed our separate, distinct and unique identity, one that is recognized worldwide as a culture of warmth, humility, politeness and equality. One of our greatest privileges here is the right to own property, the roof over our heads.  In so many other places in the world, that right does not exist, and if it does, it has been so corrupted and abused that it no longer bears any resemblance to what we enjoy.  No wonder the whole world is flocking to the True North, strong and free.
Named in 44 BC by the Roman Senate to honour the Roman General Julius Caesar, who was born on July 12, the month of July is typically the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and one of seven months that boasts 31 days.
July’s ; ...

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Friday, June 16, 2017   /   by Geoff Appleton

Home-Ward Bound June 2017

June is such a highly anticipated time of year! Kids start to count down the days left at school, sunlight stretches out longer and brighter and the sounds of lawn sprinklers and skipping ropes fill the air. It is also the most popular month of the year for weddings, and for good reason. June is one of only four months with 30 days in it, and boasts the longest daylight hours of the year. The Summer Solstice—June 21—marks the first day of summer and the longest actual day of the year.
Named after the Roman Goddess Juno, the wife of Jupiter, June’s birthstone is the pearl, symbolizing purity of heart and faith, and its flower is the rose.
June marks many important events in the world of sports: The Stanley Cup Playoffs, the US Open and the 85th 24 Hours of Le Mans to name a few. No wonder they chose this month to honour Dad! It is also the official Recreation and Parks Month across Canada. For a list of free events and happenings around Durham  ...

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Sunday, May 7, 2017   /   by Geoff Appleton

Home-ward Bound May 2017

Mother Always Said You Should…
My Mom used to tell me repeatedly to do this and do that, not to do this and not to do that.  ALL, I recall, very valuable advice. Looking back on it, I can say she was, and still is, a very wise woman. 
Time reveals, in fact, just about every caring Mother is a Wise Woman.  I can see why we carve out a special day each year to acknowledge Mothers.  So here is a shout out to all Mom’s – Happy Mothers Day!! 
And not to be outdone, my Mothers Birthday is May 27th which somehow seems to fall on or very close to Mothers Day each year.  So, she gets double the hugs and appropriate accolades every May from my Brother and me. 
Unfortunately, My Mom’s Mom is no longer here.  I am sure that makes her very sad this time of year.  I am sure some reading this can relate and have similar stories.  For ALL those whose Mom is no longer with us, may you remember the best abo. ...

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Saturday, December 3, 2016   /   by Geoff Appleton

"Home"ward Bound December 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho!
December rings in one of the most joyful times of the year. The current year coming to a close, celebration of Christmas and other Holiday Celebrations, all mean different things to different people, but most always represent Joy. If you look around, you will notice a giving spirit exists unlike at other times of the year.
Unfortunately, many home owners wanting to really enjoy this Holiday season are less than enthusiastic because they feel trapped. They are desperate to exit their current home and give themselves a big Christmas Gift - a NEW place to call home. 
Here’s where you and I can HELP! As a result of working with hundreds families over the years and through a documented recession, we have developed a special program to quickly get an acceptable "cash" offer on any home for market value. So, we are giving Home Owners wanting to make a move a very special gift this holiday season.

For the month of Decem; ...

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Monday, November 7, 2016   /   by Geoff Appleton

Market Watch November 2016

November brings about an extra opportunity to say Thank You for being a valuable part of our business. Thanksgiving get-together's have ended and we now begin to prepare for the Holiday season, plan and the like, it’s easy to become wrapped up in all that we have to do to ensure a fun, joyful time for all we are responsible for and over look all that we have to be thankful for. Unfortunately many home owners are desperate to exit their current home.  Actually loathing this time of year as it adds to the frustration of not being settled for the Holiday’s.  You may know someone or a family that fits this description.
Here’s where you and I can HELP!
As a result of working with hundreds of families over the years we have developed a special program to help Home Owners wanting to make a move: Sell Fast and For Top Dollar with the Least Hassle!  
For the month of November, we will guarantee, in writing, to sell an area home for 100% of Market V; ...

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