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Tuesday, July 31, 2018   /   by Alayne Keates Administration To Geoff Appleton & Associates

Home'Ward Bound August 2018

August is for Clowning Around!
In August, summer appears to be in full swing, with long, hot and often humid days and balmy star filled nights. It’s easy to ignore the fact that we’re actually beginning the slow crawl towards autumn, but we are! August is a wonderful month for star gazing! Look for the August Moon or Full Sturgeon Moon this month, as Indigenous Peoples have coined it. They knew that at the full moon in August, sturgeon were more readily caught in the Great Lakes. Clearly it’s a great time for fishing!
August is the month to enjoy the harvest of favorites at our local farm stands as well: fresh sweet corn on the cob, nectarines, peaches, blueberries and blackberries are all in season, and even the apple harvest begins toward the end of this month. Planting fall bulbs? This is the month to do it!
In real estate, August has always seen a dip down in sales, as it is sandwiched between summer vacation getaways, and preparation for back to school. So i ...

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018   /   by Alayne Keates Administration To Geoff Appleton & Associates

Home'Ward Bound July 2018


Canada Day is a time to celebrate with our neighbours, friends and family the gift of our independence, our unique and merited culture, and our famed, world renowned values, but it’s also a time to reflect and be grateful for the raw natural beauty of this magnificent country of ours. From the East Coast to the West, the majesty of our great land is apparent in every scenic vista our eyes behold: towering forests, crystalline lakes, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, breathtaking ocean cliffs, and a dazzling blanket of stars overhead every night, including the ever-wondrous aurora borealis in the far north reaches of this massive country we call home.
July is the prime month to travel, explore and enjoy our very own country, with weather that is undeniably the most pleasant of the year. Warm with occasional humidity, July is far more temperate than August and less “buggy” than June, offering incredibly long daylight hours and cooler ...

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Saturday, June 2, 2018   /   by Alayne Keates Administration To Geoff Appleton & Associates

Home'Ward Bound June 2018

Joyful June

Welcome summer, we’re so glad you are here! Here’s some fun facts about June: June birthstones are the Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone; its flowers are the Rose and Honeysuckle, and in Canada, our fruit and vegetable picks of the month are Arugula, Radish and Lettuce!

With the end of school fast approaching and summer vacation plans looming on the horizon, our local housing market will subtly change as a result. After all, the real estate market is only ever a reflection of the timing of priorities for Canadian families. We follow your lifestyle lead more than anything else, which is why the school year calendar plays so heavily into the decision making process of buying and selling homes. After years spent analyzing this industry, we know that not only the pace and volume, but also the way that property is transacted in the summer is distinctly different than the rest of the year. Invariably the hot summer months signal a change in the strategy ...

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018   /   by Alayne Keates Administration To Geoff Appleton & Associates

Home'Ward Bound May 2018

For most Canadians, May signals the return of outdoor barbecues, backyard pool parties and cottage living. It’s the month where we all heave a sigh of relief that the warm weather has finally arrived for good. No wonder so many of us choose May to spring clean, hold a yard sale and lighten up our décor. It doesn’t take much to add summer living to our indoor spaces:  a few colourful new toss cushions, cheery table linens and brightly hued acrylic drink ware and ta-da! The summer season is officially ushered into our homes. 
As Canadians we relish the longer daylight hours and the chance to do some outdoor living, entertaining and partake of some nature inspired activities. Where we live in  particular, there are tons of municipal, regional, and provincial parks to discover and explore, local farm markets to enjoy and community events and festivals to participate in. You’ll see a lineup of family fun in this month’s pos ...

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Monday, March 19, 2018   /   by Alayne Keates Administration To Geoff Appleton & Associates

Home'Ward Bound April 2018

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”~William Shakespeare

This month we open with a wonderful quote from William Shakespeare to honour his tremendous legacy, as April 23 is widely held to be the date of both his birth and death. Any month that could gift us with such profound creativity should be celebrated, and surely this April has lots of celebrations to enjoy, from Easter through to the Full Pink Moon on April 29. 

April is definitely a month of hope and optimism. There’s a spring in our steps and joy in our hearts as we breathe in each fresh, new day. Despite often being labelled a rainy month, April is a time when many homeowners decide to list their properties for sale. It’s a time of great selection and the beginning of the season for rural, country and cottage offering as well. Inventory historically swells this month, peaking in May. We’ll see if that holds true for 2018.
A slow start to the real estate mark ...

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